Steve Redmonds Fastnet Swim

Steve Redmonds swim training journey to the Oceans Seven began with the Fastnet Swim.

Steve Redmond has completed the following 7 channels of the Oceans Seven:

August 2009: English Channel (England-France) in 20 hours 1 minute
August 2010: North Channel (Scotland-Ireland) in 17 hours 17 minutes
May 2011: Strait of Gibraltar (Spain-Morocco) in 5 hours
October 2011: Catalina Channel (Catalina-California, USA) in 12 hours 39 minutes
February 2012: Cook Strait (North Island-South Island, New Zealand) in 12 hours 30 minutes
February 2012: Molokai Channel (Molokai-Oahu, Hawaii) in 22 hours 29 minutes
July 2012: Tsugaru Channel (Honshu-Hokkaido, Japan) in 12 hours 45 minutes

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